MythTV: The Video Organization Software Solution For Your Business

The MythTV Video Organization Software Is Modularized And Scalable For Business.

Typically, Video and Audio files are accompanied by Word documents describing the files. With MythTV, this is not necessary. With MythTV, only one single database is required to organize all of your Video and Audio. Quickly finding these type of files can be critical to businesses and school systems alike. Save time, money, and be more productive. We have a custom solution, just ask!

MythTV At Work
MythTV At Work
Store your training videos, presentations, advertising videos, photos, and more in a centralized location then access them from any desktop, laptop, or conference room. Record training classes, maintenance schedules, corporate events, and more for viewing and sharing with current and future employees.



MythTV At School
MythTV At School
Students and Teachers alike can benefit from having a centralized collection of educational videos, audio books, and photos that are easy to access. Reduce time and effort for teachers when drawing up the day’s lesson. Record the classroom and archive it for later viewing.


Key Benefits

  • The Open Source Leader in Multimedia Entertainment.
  • Organize Your Data in One Central Location.
  • View Your Media From Any Classroom or Conference Room.
  • Easy-To-Use User Interface
  • Custom Design For Any Environment

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