NSS Web Content Filtering

Small, Medium, and Large businesses need a powerful, scalable solution that protects their users and their networks from Internet threats.

NSS’ Web Content Filtering service is unlike anything else because we use OpenDNS’ unique position as the world’s largest DNS provider to provide our clients a proactive security layer that blocks inbound malware and outbound botnets. And because it’s delivered through the cloud, that protection is applied to all Internet-connected devices.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

NSS’ Web Filtering service is provided through the cloud, which means there’s no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. All service updates are made in the cloud, eliminating the need to update software on end users’ devices or appliances. Ease-of-deployment and simplicity of management provides businesses more time to focus on their core business rather than spending time on their Web filtering and security IT services.

Robust and Powerful Web Access Management That Puts YOU In Control

NSS’ Web Content Filtering provides businesses of all sizes with a powerful set of Web filtering tools at a fraction of the complexity and costs of traditional on-premises solutions. Our Web filtering service allows you to ensure a productive work environment and easily enforce your organization’s acceptable use policy by selectively blocking access to undesirable domains. And because it’s OpenDNS, the service will actually make your network faster, instead of clogging and slowing it down like appliance-based solutions.

The Most Sophisticated Protection From Advanced, Malicious Internet Threats

Network Security Solutions provides businesses with an Internet-wide defense layer that prevents malware and botnet attacks without impacting network performance and without the overhead of managing client-based software or on-premises appliances. Powered by openDNS’s global footprint, you can rest assured that your business has constant protection.

Key Features:

  • Web Security without an appliance. No hardware to manage. No software to update.

  • Comprehensive malware and botnet protection, regardless of application, port or protocol.

  • The world’s most lightweight and easy to manage Web filtering.

  • Centralized management and aggregate reporting through a single Web dashboard.

  • Optional security for users that take their laptops and mobile devices off your secure office environment while working from home or on the road.

Prices starting at just $5 a PC per month!

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