NSS Advanced Backup Solutions

“Backup Your Data Locally And To The Cloud”

Multiple Backup Schemes Are Costly

Organizations constantly scrutinize spending with an eye toward optimizing operational expenses. But with today’s hybrid mix of physical, virtual and cloud environments as the new norm, it’s easy to lose track of what it’s really costing you to protect your servers and workstations. You could be spending far more than you need to. NSS helps you regain control of your spending in a hurry with a single solution that saves in several ways.

Replace Multiple Solutions With Just One

NSS’ Advanced Backup Solutions eliminates the multiple solutions you may now use reducing licensing, training, and maintenance cost.

Key Benefits of A Single Solution

  • Reduces costs: one solution rather than two or three

  • >Delivers a quicker ROI, reduced maintenance and costs
  • >Reduces data storage costs
  • >Keeps data costs low


Cut Compliance Costs

Increased regulatory compliance requirements require you to hold more kinds of data, in greater volume, for longer periods of time. NSS applies various techniques to lower the cost of compliance. For instance, multiple backup sets allows you to backup data to the least expensive storage for long periods of time, yet it’s still directly available for fast recovery whenever it’s needed using NSS’ convenient search feature.

Slash Downtime Costs

The cost of downtime is very difficult to pin down, whether you’re measuring lost user productivity or lost revenue. But the general rule remains the same, if more people depend on a specific application to do their job, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, the more it will cost if it goes down. NSS’ Advanced Backup Solution is the fast way to recovery, but with the enhanced recovery features available for both virtual and physical servers you can cut downtime to just seconds, effectively eliminating downtime costs altogether.

With Solutions Starting At Just $5 a month for 5GB of Data, Now is the time to see what NSS’ Advanced Backup Solution can do for YOU. See Plans & Pricing for complete list.