Network Penetration Testing

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

network penetration testing

An Information Services study estimated that the average hacker attack costs companies $214,000 per event. On average over 60,000 hacking attempts are made on a business each year. While the majority of companies have important security building blocks in place, such as firewall and intrusion prevention products, less than half of companies surveyed have advanced protections to fight botnets and advanced persistent threats. Even fewer had regularly scheduled penetration testing.

Network Penetration Testing can help you stay secure. Find the problems now before someone else does. Stay ahead of the hackers or you could be hacked.

4 Hour External Vulnerability Penetration Test Includes:

  • 65,535 TCP/ UDP port scan with Service & Version Detection

  • Telnet, SMTP, POP3, MAPI, & SSL Securities Check

  • Simple ICMP Test

  • Cost: $600.00

8 Hour External Vulnerability Penetration Test Includes 4 Hour Testing Plus:

  • Non-Malicious Firewall/ Intrusion Detection Evasion & Spoofing Test

  • Non-Malicious Denial of Service Test

  • Website HTTP Security Test

  • FTP Security Check

  • Social Media/ Email Exploitation Test

  • Cost: $1,000.00

16 Hour External Vulnerability Penetration Test Includes 8 Hour Testing Plus:

  • Website HTTP Security Test

  • Operating System Detection

  • Non-Malicious Dynamic Denial of Service Test

  • HTTP-Get & HTTPS- Get Password Strength Test

  • Non-Malicious DNS Test

  • Non-Malicious Packet Fuzzing Test

  • Non-Malicious IP Tables Extraction Test

  • Blackberry Enterprise Security Test

  • Cost: $1,440.00

All Findings are presented in Documentation with a Summary and Detailed Report including recommended solutions for any issues found.

Don’t Delay

Annual testing along with applying any recommended solutions can prevent your business from being hacked and save you thousands of dollars.

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