Linux Mint: The Windows 8 Alternative

Why is Linux Mint the Windows 8 alternative?
Touchscreens are an essential part of both Smartphones and Tablets, but most Laptops and PCs do not have this feature. The Windows 8 desktop was clearly designed for the touchscreen environment. Just looking at it makes you want to touch the screen. Yet that type of desktop can be very cumbersome for a mouse & keyboard.

Why Linux Mint?
First and foremost is reliability. More and more companies are switching over to Linux. Why? Windows is a thousand times more likely to contract a virus and even more likely to crash thus causing the user much heartache and lost data. Many companies find this unacceptable and you should too.

Linux Mint Cinamon






Can Linux Mint do everything a Windows PC can?
Yes. A properly configured Linux Mint PC can do everything a Windows PC can do. From Email to Office documents to Music & Videos to Gaming, Linux Mint can do it all and more. You can even open multiple windows and view them at the same time! A feature lost in Windows 8.

In addition, Codeweaver Crossover is a program that allows you to run some of your favorite Windows programs like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and many more.

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If I change over to Linux Mint from Windows, will all my files work?
Yes. Linux Mint can open any document, read any email, and play any video or music that Windows can. It can even play DVDs and become your favorite plug-n-play media hub without purchasing any additional software. Linux has apps to spare!

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Is Linux Mint secure?
Yes. In a lot of ways Linux Mint is more secure than Windows. With Linux Mint programs cannot be loaded onto your PC without your approval. Hence, viruses that normally torment you and steal your data cannot access Linux Mint.

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Where can I get support if something happens?
Network Security Solutions offers full support should anything go wrong. Tech support is only a click, email, or phone call away. We also have business support packages available.
Contact us for more details.

How do I get Linux Mint?
You can purchase a fully loaded Linux Mint PC from us or you can download a copy and upgrade your current PC yourself.
Check out our Online Store or Download the latest version.
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Give Windows the boot, Switch to Linux Mint Today!

Not comfortable upgrading your PC by yourself?
No problem. That is what we’re here for! Change over from Windows to Linux Mint and get complete training. Click here to contact us now. We’re here to answer all of your questions.