Articles for March 2013

Is Your Email Safe and Secure?

Email is one of the most important forms of communication within any company. Employees exchange sensitive information everyday over email. This brings up several concerns in regards to security and the possibility of that sensitive information getting in to the wrong hands. The two major concerns are the transmission and storage of messages. Both of these are important when it comes to ensuring your emails are protected. A third concern is having a backup solution should your email system fail.

Spam Attacks

Have you ever had your inbox overwhelmed by spam? Most of us have. Spam email is responsible for almost all malicious email attacks. It is simple to add an attachment or insert a link redirecting you to a hazardous website. While we can’t control if someone on the inside clicks the link or downloads the file, we can put some security measures in place to help filter out this type of attack. This is where spam filters and firewalls can come into play. Checking every file that comes in as well as the attachments and links in emails can make a huge difference.

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